There is little doubt in the minds of Singer-Songwriter,  Country, and Eccentric Music enthusiasts, Guthrie Thomas is one of the most imaginary and influential
recording artists in the acoustic music industry today.

Thomas' career has spanned 42 years, 50 albums, and 5 motion pictures. He has recorded and performed with some of the most elite musicians around the world. Ramblin' Jack Elliott discovered Guthrie in a Northern California cafe and bar bringing Thomas to Hollywood where his music career began. With ramblin' Jack's generous help and guidance in Hollywood Thomas soon gained the attention of many notables and was soon on his way. as Thomas likes to say, "Had it not been for Jack elliott, I'd probably be selling guitar strings in some distant guitar shop north of Frisco. Though there were many friends who assisted me in my journey in recording, most certainly  Raynold Gideon, Arlo Guthrie, John Hartford, Hoyt Axton, David Foster, Ringo Starr, Willie Nelson, and a host of others, still Jack was the one who gave me my start,
and famed Screed Writer and Producer, Raynold Gideon, produced my first Album.

However, Thomas' talents do not end with music and songwriting. Thomas is also a Registered Pharmacist and a specialist in Oncology Medicine; a Psychologist;  an Author; an Actor; a Gallery Artist; a Music Director, and Record Producer. Thomas also maintains and oversees The Guthrie Thomas Companies, Moon and Back Records, The Guthrie Thomas Guitar Pick Company, and is considered by many to be one of the finest singer-songwriter, acoustic guitarists in the world.

When asked how he manages to accomplish all of these exploits in life? Thomas replies, "Anyone can achieve anything they wish to achieve if they possess the tenacity and determination to accomplish what others say, "can't be done." "Set your goal...and go after it!"   "Always look at failure as knowledge to be utilized as guidance for future achievements, and always, always look for a back door!" "Everyone is trying to get in the front door..." "Lastly, never give up until your dead...But, don't kill yourself trying."

never forget that Fame is just a word that few  truly understand, and for most, only a few short moments in their lives if the specter does present itself. artistic expression well done is something no one ever forgets...

Few musicians, starting out, often see the fame, glory, and money rollin' in, for a very short time., perhaps, usually 2, maybe 3 years...Try and have an Ace-In-The-Hole, as they say. a Back-up, to assist you on your journey in Music...Many, many musicians only see the "I am a musician" portion. Just remember, they do not call it the Music "Business" for any other reason. Actually, in my opinion, it should be termed the "Business of Music" Don't ever forget, it is a profit making "Business" and not just fun and playing. Find time to learn as much about the "Business" as possible on the journey through the business. Agents, Managers, Advances, Recording Costs, Touring Expenses, Swag, Copyrights, Publishing, Radio, and now the internet, to mention a few, and they all have to be paid before you get your check. Most musicians earn their wages from touring, and not from selling records. But, you have to sell a hell of a lot of records to warrant touring. All of this comes out of your pocket. If you learn to listen, be sure and listen and learn....Every part of the Music Business is a Business "First," not second. This I learned the hard way, meaning as the years passed me by. This advice is based on my personal experience. I am also a Registered Pharmacist, for as with most, like so many others. In my trek through the Business of Music I only concerned myself with the Music...This was my mistake as well, so I stopped performing and went to University for 8 years for my Ace-In-Hole, although, lucky for me, I did learn the business of music over time, and now it works for me, I don't work for it. Music and songwriting is always, always first on my list as I get out of bed each day. Willie Nelson proved this very scenario, 60 years on the Road and he is still performing. He understands what and all I have just relayed to you... There are many very talented performers, such as Willie Nelson, And, they did not get there ignoring all that goes with the "Business of Music." I play every day now, I record at least 2 albums a year. It is first, and foremost, on my list every day. But, I still have an Ace-In-The-Hole.  My Music is number one here, and always shall be...                                                           

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