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GT and Friend at The Ranch 1957

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GT at the Ranch 1960

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Guthrie in Santa Barbara, 1970
Living with Guitarist, Alex De Grassi



Willie Nelson and Guthrie Thomas
The Smith Center
Las Vegas, Nevada, August 13th, 2013

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GT and Jerry Jeff Walker 1976
Willie Nelson Picnic  Gonzales, Texas

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GT and Ringo Starr
Recording Lie's and Alibi's LP
Capitol Records Studios

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GT and Ringo Starr
At the Clive Davis Arista Records Opening Party
Beverly Hills Hotel

One of the Best
I have known Peter 39 years, and very
good years without a Doubt.
He is also the Peter Asher of the famed Duo,
"Peter & Gordon"

Bill Murrey
One of the very Best as an
Comedian and Actor.
On Bill's left wrist is a Guitar we made.
Thank You, Bill

GT and Mike Tyson
To admire is Equal to Respect
One of the "Most Kind" individual's I have ever met.

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GT and John Wesley Harding
Cesto Calende, Italy

Nashville, Tennessee
Recording "Hobo, Eagle, Thief"

With Famed German Disc Jockey, Jens Messtorff
Nashville, Tennessee 1984

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GT Solo
Barcelona, Italy

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GT and Rolling Stone, Ron Wood
Recording Sarah LP, New York City

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GT and Rolling Stone, Ron Wood
Recording Sarah LP, New York City

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GT and John Hartford

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GT and Arlo Guthrie
On Movie Set "Bound for Glory"

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GT in Concert

Willie Nelson Playing with
The Custom Guitar Picks we
make for him here at my company.

GT & Willie Nelson's Son, Lukas Nelson

Lukas Nelson playing Guthrie's Guitar shortly before
Opening the Willie Concert in Indio, California March 2012

GT With Old Friend, Record Producer, Albert Cecere,
The Eagle Savior


"Bound For Glory"


Bound For Glory Movie Posters 1976


Academy Award Winning  "Master" Motion Picture Director
and Academy Award Winning, "Master" Film Editor, and My Very Dear Friend.
September 2, 1929 December 27, 1988

Rest in Peace, My Dear Friend, Hal...

"Never Say Goodbye

Here's to you Hal Ashby
I take my hat off for "Nobody." But, I'd take it off for You, anytime, anywhere, or anyplace...
Be it Heaven or Hell... Well, regardless of where, I'll see you when I get there...

             Always your friend,
Guthrie Thomas




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GT Playing the Streets of Santa Cruz 1969

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GT in Concert, Australia 1990

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Gary Brooker on the left
He taught me my first 3 Guitar Chords

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Photograph of GT's Father, Bill,
on the Corriganville Movie Set
Semi Valley
, California 1960

GT, Sarah's Mother, Maggie,
and Sarah

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GT's Daughter, Sarah 1981

GT's Daughter, Sarah 2011

GT's Daughter,
Sarah and Her boys, The  Grand Kids, Nick & Alex 2011
"The Future"

New York - 2012

With Pianist, Chuck Hartley, playing
a Children's Telethon for Charity 1979

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GT 's Family
GT, My Father, Bill, My Mother, Betty,
My Brother, Rod

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My Mother, Betty Jo
Thank you for my life.

At Work 2013

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