"Hand Engraved"
gold guitar picks & Sterling Silver guitar picks

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Custom "Hand Engraved" Sterling Silver and 14 & 24 Carat Gold
Guitar Picks

These Picks are Special Order Only...! And are Quite Costly due to
The "Hand Engraving" by our Master Engraver...!
These Custom Hand Engraved Picks are much like the
Faberge' Eggs. They are "One of Kind an No Two are alike..!"

They are the Very Finest in Hand Engraving on Guitar Picks...!
 And A Custom Engraved Pick like this...Lasts Forever as a Gift...!
A True Show Piece...Indeed...!


"Hand Engraved" 14ct Gold Pick: $1950.00
"Hand Engraved" 14ct Gold Pick Necklace: $2000.00
If you want a Special Jewel Inlayed please add $475.00
These are Costly

Insured Fed Ex Shipping Depends on Destination

Please also Note,
We only accept Certified Cashiers Checks or Money Orders for our Gold Picks.

Please Note, we do not include the Necklace Lanyard for the Pick Necklaces
as so many people are different in size.

(Please Note: There are No Refunds on Silver and Gold Engraved Pick Orders)

The Elaine Golden 15 Point "Star" Diamond

The Guthrie Thomas


The Diamond Cheetah

The Sonja

The Silver Ruby

The Eric Blue Sapphire

The Green Garnet

The Coreen Celtic Cross

The Bono Hand Engraved Sterling

The Nichole Sterling Silver

The Annette Sterling Silver

The Old English 24ct Initials Gold and Sterling Silver
Above and Below

The "MD" for Dr. Phillips in 24ct Gold

The Annette Sterling Silver Monogram

The Monogram Sterling with a Blue Sapphire Necklace

The Gold and Sterling Initial Monogram Necklaces


The Gold and Sterling Initial "Script"  Necklaces Below


All Picks above are all "Hand Engraved" by our Master Engraver.
These are all "One of a Kind" and very Special. No one on Earth
Engraves Gold and Silver Picks like we do. Yes, they are
Costly, but a gift that will last a lifetime. Each Pick can take as
Much as 10 days to Engrave under a Microscope. Only the Best.
We do not use any Gem Stones that are synthetic. All Gems are
Of the Finest Quality, Color, and Genuine.
Yes, both sides can be Hand engraved. But, keep in mind, this adds to the cost.

There are 100 Points is One Carat. So, 10 Points equals 1/10th of a Full Carat
15 Points is about as large as you would want to have, as this leaves enough
room on a One Inch Wide Guitar Pick, Gold or Silver, to Engrave your Quote, Initials, or Saying.

Hand Engraving is a "True Art" and it takes 15 years to become a Master Engraver. It takes
4 years longer to become a "Master Engraver" than it takes to become a Doctor in Medical School.
The time it takes to be a "Master Engraver" is equal to becoming a Heart Surgeon.


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The Guthrie Thomas Company
Established 1974
All Rights Reserved

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